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NURDs Inventory
Owner Zarya
Status Gone
Hostname precious.nurdspace.lan
Location Gone
Tool No
Tool category
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Old Proxmox box, we now use Coherence.


Network Layout

nurds-sw-04 ports 19/20 set up to accept VLAN tagged packets.
eth0 connected to sw-04 port 19 from upper NIC
eth1 connected to sw-08 port 16 from upper NIC
eth2 connected to sw-04 port 20 from onboard NIC
eth5 connected to sw-08 port 18 from onboard NIC
bond0 set up but doing nothing on eth[3,4]
bond1 set active-backup on eth[0,5] (cross-card, primary upper)
bond2 set active-backup on eth[2,1] (cross-card, primary onboard)
vmbr0 providing management console on VLAN1, bridging bond2 interface. This is for the NFS connections to the storage.
vmbr7 connected to VLAN7, bridging bond1.7 interface (i.e. tagging packets as VLAN7).
vmbr8 connected to VLAN8, bridging bond1.8 interface (i.e. tagging packets as VLAN8).
vmbr7 and vmbr8 available for VM/container binding, with no management interface connection.


Open, but with one modification to allow port 443 to connect to port 8006:

-A PREROUTING -i vmbr0 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 443 -j REDIRECT --to-ports 8006



Currently nothing here.


This machine is configured identically to Confusion. Please see its page for details. It is in an HA setup with it.

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