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"Query string" is a predefined property. This property is pre-deployed (also known as special property) and comes with additional administrative privileges but can be used just like any other user-defined property.

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Art-Net on ESP8266 +
[[Working on::Art-Net on ESP8266]]
Artsyficial Skylight +
[[Working on::Artsyficial Skylight]]
Asterisk +
[[Working on::Asterisk]]
Atari 1040 connector +
[[Working on::Atari 1040 connector]]
Audio Workstation +
[[Working on::Audio Workstation]]
Automated tree planter +
[[Working on::Automated tree planter]]
Awesome Led music vest for party's +
[[Working on::Awesome Led music vest for party's]]


BIT Nieuwjaarsborrel 2018 +
[[Category:Members]] [[Attending::BIT Nieuwjaarsborrel 2018]]
BIT Nieuwjaarsborrel 2020 +
[[Category:Members]] [[Attending::BIT Nieuwjaarsborrel 2020]]
Barmonkey Test +
[[Working on::Barmonkey Test]]
Barsysteem +
[[Working on::Barsysteem]]
Bathroom Light +
[[Working on::Bathroom Light]]
Bb-leds +
[[Working on::Bb-leds]]
BeagleBone +
[[Working on::BeagleBone]]
Big Ass VU Meter +
[[Working on::Big Ass VU Meter]]
Birthdayparty RevSpace 2020 +
[[Category:Members]] [[Attending::Birthdayparty RevSpace 2020]]
Boatwarming pochenk +
[[Category:Members]] [[Attending::Boatwarming pochenk]]
Bookcrossing +
[[Working on::Bookcrossing]]
Boopakart +
[[Working on::Boopakart]]
BormHack 2021 +
[[Category:Members]] [[Attending::BormHack 2021]]
BornHack 2020 +
[[Category:Members]] [[Attending::BornHack 2020]]
BornHack 2021 +
[[Category:Members]] [[Attending::BornHack 2021]]
Bornhack2019 +
[[Category:Members]] [[Attending::Bornhack2019]]
Brain synchronization +
[[Working on::Brain synchronization]]
Breadboard Z80 +
[[Working on::Breadboard Z80]]
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