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Couch wheel.jpg
Skills 1337 Skillz, Assembling, Arduino
Status Planning
Niche Hardware
Purpose Fun
Tool No
Location everywhere
Cost much
Tool category Electronics


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Pokon decided he was to lazy too move the couch so and D2 put wheels underneath it. Then we started thinking, we could put stuff into the couch that would be nice to have when going to camps.

Some ideas

  • RGB leds because we got to have light
  • Network switches with UTP connections on the back or side of the couch (D2 has some small switches we could use)
  • Speakers and an amp
  • Powered USB Hub
  • Router/AP possibly with SpaceNet
  • raspberry pi (possibly multiple for stuff like mpd, light controls etc.)
  • battery (big ass accu packs)
  • charger
  • Make the whole thing mobile with motors and a joystick
  • Smoke machine

Alternate names

  • Tactical Camping Couch
  • Bank Holiday
  • Banksy
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