Refurbing TomToms

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Refurbing TomToms
TomTom Navit-git.JPG
Participants Buzz, David
Skills Archeology, Linux
Status Active
Niche Retro
Purpose Tool
Tool No
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Refurbing TomToms

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Whats the plan

Many thriftstores have huge piles of these little linux devices with bad batteries and ancient maps.

Seeing that most of this stuff is actually open and usuable, refurbish them somewhat?

Useful stuff to know

  • The USB port for charging is also a OTG port (at least on OneXL)
  • If you have USBdata connected on powerup to a PC , the bootloader gives you full access to the internal flash (on models that have that) (ALSO IT WONT BOOT FURTHER WHILE USBdata IS STILL CONNECTED) (doesnt happen with just power)
  • Week rollover is a thing that might prevent GPS link?
  • 'ttsystem' file on disk is kernel + initrd , opentom comes with a 'ttimgextract' tool , check opentom's


beckershoff built some images and sent them by PM , these already gave me something working on the OneXL.

14:27:44 <beckershoff> Hierbij de versie zonder Apps:
14:27:45 <beckershoff>
15:07:37 <beckershoff> En hierbij de versie met Apps:
15:07:38 <beckershoff>

A bit later , buZz built this image ; which MIGHT require a SD card for the rootfs.


Successfully boots

  • TomTom XL 30 Series (beckershoff)
  • TomTom One XL (buZz)
  • TomTom One XL HD Traffic (Melan)
  • TomTom XL Canada 310 (Melan)



Some lists from jkoan from #navit :

Some links


  • Home Assistant frontend
  • (superslow but current) OSM navigator
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