SHA badge mpd client

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SHA badge mpd client
SHA badge mpdclient.jpg
Participants Dennis
Skills Coding, Python
Status Active
Niche Music
Purpose Tool
Tool Yes
Location Space
Cost Free
Tool category

SHA badge mpd client

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For the SHA hacker camp that was organized this summer a cool badge has been developed. In short: ESP32 SoC with WiFi, Bluetooth and plenty of processing power paired with capacitive touch buttons, a battery and an e-ink screen. The creators of this badge did an awesome job and after the event we got a couple of them from the orga. It runs MicroPython and has some nice functions to draw to the screen, do things with the wifi etc.

MPD client

Of course no platform is complete without an MPD client, so I started writing one. Still needs some work, but is almost an a state that we can use it in the space.

More information on the badge itself

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