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Espeak is now functional, there were ALSA problems.
<s>Espeak is now functional, there were ALSA problems.</s>
==Motion webcam==
==Motion webcam==

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Owner Invict
Status Infra
Hostname slabpi.dhcp.nurd.space
Location Near the amp
Tool No
Tool category



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Near the amp


SlabPi is the replacement for Slab on a Raspberry Pi 3. It has been moved, because of downscaling. It will be challenged with as much infra a Raspberry Pi can handle.

It runs the MPD Server and espeak. It is running on Raspbian Stretch Lite.

A DAC+ Hat has been added for better audio quality.


PiFi HIFI DAC+ Digital Audio Card added for better audio quality.


Edit /boot/config.txt

Disable the line





Currently runs through LiquidSoap, so there is a +- 30 second delay. Ask r3boot ;).

Fixed an issue where MPD hangs on song change. Fix it by uncommenting "device" option in the "audio_output" block (in my case ALSA) in mpd.conf. This is a common error.

Connection through client.

Host: slabpi.dhcp.nurd.space

Port: 6600

It is integrated with Home Assistant view on Jarvis.


Espeak is now functional, there were ALSA problems.

Motion webcam

Running motion for webcam, see this link

Possible resolutions:

  • 160x120
  • 320x240
  • 640x480

Can be checked with:

v4l2-ctl --list-formats-ext

It is included in the Home Assistant view of Jarvis.

Labelprinter implementation

Labelprinter is up and running. See Labelprinter.

Entrance Themes

It has a script running which plays a part of a song for each individual member entering the space. See Entrance themes.


  • espeak Nurdbot implementation
  • Moar cams
  • Move logging to mounted location to preserve the micro SD card quality.
  • Backups
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