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Owner Invict
Status Infra
Location Near the amp
Tool No
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Near the amp


SlabPi is the replacement for Slab on a Raspberry Pi 3. It has been moved, because of downscaling. It will be challenged with as much infra a Raspberry Pi can handle.

It runs the MPD Server and espeak. It is running on Raspbian Stretch Lite.

A DAC+ Hat has been added for better audio quality.


PiFi HIFI DAC+ Digital Audio Card added for better audio quality.


Edit /boot/config.txt

Disable the line





Currently runs through LiquidSoap, so there is a +- 30 second delay. Ask r3boot ;).

Fixed an issue where MPD hangs on song change. Fix it by uncommenting "device" option in the "audio_output" block (in my case ALSA) in mpd.conf. This is a common error.

Connection through client.


Port: 6600

It is integrated with Home Assistant view on Jarvis.

HTTPD outputs:

  • port 6666 (8000:16:1) used by the VOIP system
  • port 7777 (44100:16:2) used by Audiophiles


The SlabPI is now running PulseAudio, this allows multiple streams to be play simultaneously without having to stop/kill MPD.

Eventually, PulseAudio will be made accessible through the network so everyone can dump their audio to the Slabpi. Pulseaudio should be accessible over the network, I don't really know yet if it really works though.


There is an icecast server running again on port 8050. It's a direct feed from Pulseaudio so all sounds (Entrance themes, speak commands) will be heard on the stream. Perhaps I'll eventually make MPD send to icecast as well for a "clean signal"

Mount point(s):

  • /nurds (Pulseaudio)

MPD Control

For those not wanting to install a MPD client, there now runs a small MPD client on port 80 (ypmd) that can be used to directly control MPD.


You can now add youtube links to MPD by sending (MQTT) the url as a payload to "mpd/youtube/play". It will extract the audio from the video and throw it into MPD. If random mode is enabled, the song will get the highest priority so that it gets played next. However, right now this means that it's acts as a FIFO. If MPD is paused, it will play the song straight away and if it's in normal mode, it will put the song as next in the playlist.


Espeak is now functional, there were ALSA problems. We Pulseaudio now!

Motion webcam

Running motion for webcam, see this link

Possible resolutions:

  • 160x120
  • 320x240
  • 640x480

Can be checked with:

v4l2-ctl --list-formats-ext

It is included in the Home Assistant view of Jarvis.

Labelprinter implementation

Labelprinter is up and running. See Labelprinter.

Entrance Themes

It has a script running which plays a part of a song for each individual member entering the space. See Entrance themes.


  • espeak Nurdbot implementation Seems to work!
  • Moar cams
  • Move logging to mounted location to preserve the micro SD card quality.
  • Backups
  • Icecast server?
  • Scrobble to
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