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(Whats the specs!11!!!)
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* 1 SD card
* 1 SD card
* Raspbian stretch
* Raspbian stretch
* Power over Ethernet
* Power over Ethernet with a setup alike https://www.ebay.com/itm/113530764123
== What doesit doooooooo ==
== What doesit doooooooo ==

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2014-08-15 20.46.56.jpg
Owner Petraea
Status Working
Hostname spacenanny
Tool No
Tool category


2014-08-15 20.46.56.jpg

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Whats the specs!11!!!

The old pi broke, we installed a new one on september 6th 2017

What doesit doooooooo

  • Reads the doorlocksensors
  • has a 433MHz receiver on USB to receive doorbelpresses

It used to do

buZz has original image in case stuff is needed from the first incarnation yolo

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