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Space status
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Participants Bjornl, Buzz, Petraea, Zarya
Skills coding, Micro-electronics
Status Production
Niche Software
Purpose Infrastructure
Tool No
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Space status

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Goal: (semi)automatic updates when space opens and closes.


switch (spacenanny) -> mqtt (space/status_switch inverted logic False is open True is closed) -> hass (Jarvis) -> space api php script on nurdservices (



  • Giant switch next to the door

Stuff dependent on space status

Previous incarnation


10 april 2012

Since we have internet, we can now have updates! First step is the iBook G4 that runs a small Java IRC bot that can be controlled from the console by typing 'o' or 'c' (for 'open' and 'close'). It then updates the space status in the #nurds topic. Next step is a GUI (Swing).

12 april 2012

An LDR has been connected to the half-broken Arduino and the iBook has been freed of its duties. buZz installed Java on the Dockstar and the software runs there now. The Arduino has been connected and everything works. We also proved that the bot can send DMX commands, currently fading in the only lamp connected as the space opens and fading it out as it closes.

18 april 2012

DS18B20 has been connected! You can now query the lights status, temperature or a summary using !lights, !temp and !status.

19 april 2012

DS18B20 no longer functioning :( stopped working when soldering everything to a board. LDR gives wrong readings. Unfortunately, we can't seem to find out what's wrong...

23 april 2012

Faulty soldering of the 100 kOhm pull-down resistor for the LDR was at least partly to blame. LDR works correctly again and SpaceBot has been restarted. DS18B20 has been removed for now.

25 april 2012

Everything has been resoldered and a spare DS18B20 is used now. Everything seems to work again.

29 april 2012

Complete redesign of sources, which makes it easier to integrate new media. Twitter updater added. Space API JSON added.

30 april 2012

Added temperature to the Space API JSON.

october 2012

Status is now controlled by the locks.

august 2013

Everything will have to be redone now that we've moved to a new location.

october 2017

current status ; switch -> spacenanny -> Vinculum -> status -> nfsmount naar NURDServices -> json file -> website -> Nurdbot

Sep 2020

Remove the status vm and made everything rotate around hass switched to running on nurdservices

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