Spacejam session

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Spacejam session
Name Spacejam session
Date 2022/11/11
DateEnd 2022/11/13
Location Zaal 1 NURDspace CS
Contact Eis-T
Attendees Dennis
Jamsession nurdspace.png

This weekend is all about making music together! Bring your synths and lets patch things up.

This is what HAIrk thinks the weekend-long jam session will be like.

The Plan:

  • evacuate zaal 1 so we have space to put our gear.
  • hook everything up to together
  • push buttons and twist knobs
  •  ?
  • Profit
  • Idea (The_Niz): Have each person use their own output in addition to mixing it all. This way it'll be more interesting for visitors walking around the space. Off course we will still sync our systems.

More Specific:

  • You can just join whenever suits you during the weekend.
  • There is the intention to capture the good bits, built tracks out of it and release it as "Masters of Harkcore vol.1"
  • Bring your musical friends
  • Acoustic instruments are also welcome, mics and recording gear is available

Who brings what:

  • Behringer 2600 (Eis-T)
  • the SynthesEis-Ter (Eis-T)
  • Koma FX Field Kit (Eis-T)
  • Roland MC-808 Groovebox (Eis-T)
  • Laptop with an outdated Ableton Live (Eis-T)
  • Eurorack (semi-)modular stuff (The_Niz)
  • 16 channel mackie mixing desk (Michiel)
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