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Timelapse rig for Prusa MK3 3d Printer
Pcb timelapse.png
Status Active as fuck
Niche Electronics
Purpose Electronics, fun, world domination
Tool No
Cost 10 euroish
Tool category Electronics

Timelapse rig for Prusa MK3 3d Printer

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Timelapse rig for Prusa MK3 3d Printer

The idea:

A small box with some electronics that is connected with the EINSY RAMBO board of the printer and a remote shutter cable coming from the camera.


To make timelapses with a DSLR camera for fun.


see why? Also for showing off and

First steps:

So I found the idea on a prusa blogpost and wanted to create something like that, they only had an example for a lumix camera wich was of no use because I have a canon 1200D.

In the same blog there is a link to a site that shows the pinouts for different remote shutter cables with that I can go futher with the project

Blogpost: https://blog.prusaprinters.org/how-to-create-beautiful-3d-print-timelapse-videos/ Camera pinouts: http://www.doc-diy.net/photo/remote_pinout/

Getting the parts:

well already got all the parts I need at Nurdspace except for the optocoupler I ordered the 4N25 from https://sinuss.nl/componenten/opto-elektronica--displays/optocouplers/transistor-output/1225849-4n25shortoptocoupler-transistor-optoshiba

then I got some help from Danieltoo who learned me how to read schematics and some other stuff.


I made a quick build with some protoboard and the parts.



Going from dafuq to overdrive:

after seeing the protoboard I said to myself you can do better, design a pcb even if you havent done it before.

So said so done I made the pcb in about a hour and a half because I was not familiar with the program Fritzing or even making pcb´s at all. first i made the schematics after making them i neatly put all the parts just right on the pcb

After making the pcb´s in Fritzing I ordered 10 of the pcb´s at https://jlcpcb.com/ in black for about 5 euro total inc shipping because of first time customer no shipping costs.

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