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Member of NURDs
Nickname aetios
Memberstatus member
Omemo 6f257f9bde6e6765af30a570fbf42fabcfe0973d34ecf8e98548a9a339e9b91d
Part of Projects PSS 680 direct output

Main interests

  • Music
  • Retro computing, consoles & VR
  • 3d printing
  • Scale modeling
  • Astronomy

I know something about

  • Many of the above topics
  • Security
  • Linux sysadmining (focused on Arch)
  • Networking
  • Chemistry
  • Coffee!!
  • Miltech
  • Analog photography

Wants to learn

  • Building & designing electronics
  • 3D modeling & 3D printing
  • Woodworking
  • More about music production
  • More about lockpicking
  • Ham radio stuff


  • I have a load of darkroom supplies that you can borrow if you want.
  • I'll glady tell you about coffee
  • I'm always looking for people to play warhammer or other table top games with! (join at your own risk)
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