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Member of NURDs
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nickname Dennis / dvanzuijlekom
Memberstatus member
Part of Projects NURDspace Certificate Services and Coaching
Attending events Pancake fest, Nurd&Nieuw 2019 VIP edition, Hark24, Operation Trojan Horse Schaarsbergen, Hack42 on Tour, Hacker Hotel 2018, BIT Nieuwjaarsborrel 2018, Trojan_horse_Schaarsbergen_part_2_1/2, Window_Isolation_Day, Live_Benchy_build_stream, SHA2021_Kickoff_Meeting, BIT_Nieuwjaarsborrel_2020, Nurd&Nieuw 2020 Special Edition

By profession a Linux/UNIX sysadmin. One of my many hobbies is photography. My works can be found both all over the online and in the offline world. I have broad interests, but I really like doing portrait photography. I have been a member of NURDspace since 2017, I am a member of Hack42 (Arnhem) since 2011, and a board-member since 2018. I am usually known as ‘dvanzuijlekom’ on IRC and in various online media.

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