July Build Night with Sugru

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July Build Night with Sugru
Name July Build Night with Sugru
Date 2013/07/05
Location NURDspace
Contact user:buzz
Attendees Buzz, Fwd


Instructables.com has monthly Build Nights for which maker spaces can receive contributions in exchange for documenting the results into new instructables. For July their offer is Sugru. buzz has signed us up to participate and we've been accepted.


2x 40gram blisters, each containing 8 packs of 5 grams. 2x red, 2x yellow, 2x blue, 1x white, 1x black.

Also: Instructables stickers!

Ideas - to be converted into 5 (at least) instructables

  • Apply http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:31581
  • Fix the sensors in the door locks so they stay in place.
  • Create usb header for breadboord
  • Instructable on how to organize a sugru build night
  • nerd-fashion statement: repaired glasses
  • magnetic fridge-door-towel-hook (add voice coil magnet from old harddisk)
  • personalized permanent ear-buds
  • fixed connector offset / ghetto dockingstation
  •  ???


The sugru has arrived, and we'll be playing with it Friday july 5th, 2013 starting around 20:00.

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