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Participants User:buzz
Skills Mechanics, reprap, 3D Printing
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Niche Hardware
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Parts actually used


  • Some 1U 19" case for electronics, might change this

Z Axis

  • 4x 380mm 8mm smooth rods

  • 2x 340mm(??) TR8X8 leadscrews
  • 2x flexcouplers (but i guess anything could work)

XY Framemounted Axis

  • 2x 400mm 8mm smooth rod

  • 1x XY_Idler_Mount_-_Left_yDia8_-_1.1.stl
  • 2x slotnut M4 & M4x10-15 , not sure how long
  • 1x M3 about 35mm long?
  • some M3 washers to space the bearings
  • 4x F605ZZ bearings

  • 1x XY_Idler_Mount_-_Right_yDia8_-_1.1.stl
  • 2x slotnut M4 & M4x10-15 , not sure how long
  • 1x M3 about 35mm long?
  • some M3 washers to space the bearings
  • 4x F605ZZ bearings

  • 1x XY_Stepper_Mount_-_Right_yDia8_-_1.1.stl
  • 3x slotnut M4 & M4x10-15 , not sure how long
  • 1x nema17 + some mounting screws
  • 1x GT2 16? 20? teeth timingbelt pulley + grubscrews

XY Moving Axis

  • 2x ??mm 8mm smooth rods

  • 2x long-ass GT2 belts (cut to size but never measured)

Extruder and Hotend and probe and ...

Z Carriage


Pokon gifted me a Anet A6 to remix. This page documents what i did with it.


I want to build a corexy printer and reach mad speeds. We have a pile of aluminium extrusion on which i want to base the frame.


  • do >200mm/s comfortably
  • be heavy
  • require no parts i do not already have access to failed, i caved
  • <10 minute benchy!


from anet a6 :

  • aluminium heated bed 220x220x3mm
  • 12864 lcd and dubious electronics
  • T8 leadscrews (2x 318mm) 2x T8x8 nuts
  • M8 threaded rods (2x 400mm, 1x 150mm)
  • 8MM smooth rods (2x 418mm , 2x 380mm , 2x 340mm)
  • ~40 M3x18mm bolts and nuts
  • ~15 M4x8mm bolts
  • 3x endstop switches with too short wires (but it comes with some 400mm extenders? hmm)
  • 4x nema17 motors labelled HEM-17D3003
  • 1x extruder , not sure what this is (has two fans , 5150 for partcooling)
  • linear bearings , 4x looks like a SC8UU or SCS8UU , 2x LM8LUU , 2x LMH8LUU

alloted :

  • 12x 30x60 extrusion 469mm long

still to get a purpose :

  • 2x 30x60 extrusion 520mm long
  • 4x 30x30 extrusion 500mm long
  • 2x 30x30 extrusion 483mm long
  • there's also some parts of 2020 extrusion somewhere

bought specifically for it :

  • brass heatinserts
  • some bearings, belts
  • e3d clone lite6
  • bmg clone extruder



  1. Installed Raspbian
  2. Installed klipper onto anet electronics and on raspbian
  3. Added dwc2-for-klipper-socket
  4. Installed rpi_ws281x for the leds