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If you don't intend to visit frequently, but want to contribute financially because you support our existence, you can become a Friend of the Space. This basically means giving a minimum of €5 per month via automatic bank transfer (see Payment Methods below) in exchange for an LDAP-account, which enables you to add yourself to our Members and Friends list if you like. Or you can of course keep your contribution quiet. ;)


Becoming a member

If you want to become a member, simply send an e-mail to your friendly pennymaster (see below, penningmeester monkeytail nurdspace point nl) saying so. Preferably include the following info:

  • First and last name
  • Desired username (all lower case, no spaces or special characters)
  • Starting date of membership (default: 1st of the next month)
  • Planned date of first payment (default: before 15th of the month = payment counts for current month) (see payment options below)

Once this is handled you will receive an e-mail explaining what you should do next (set password for your account, create wiki page, etc.)

For membership you need to be 18 years or older


  • Minimal monthly contribution: € 25,-
  • Friend of the space: € 5,-

Can't afford this but think you really should be a member? Convince the board.


  • As a member or a friend, you will get an LDAP account and be placed in the group Spacenet. This grants you access to wifi networks of many hackerspaces! This also gets you access to edit this wiki.

The following only applies to members;

  • After 2 months of membership and the intent to stay member for at least 4 more months you will receive an entry token. This token grants you 24/7 access to the space via the magical Door_lock. For independent access you need to be 18 years or older.
  • Your LDAP account will be placed in the groups Members and Keyholders (once applicable). This grants you access to the workstations, the wifi network, certain VM's and the wiki. We intend to build more services based on LDAP accounts, maybe e-mail, a contacts database.
  • If you need it you will be assigned a drawer or any other kind of personal storage space within reasonable size limits.
  • You may receive visitors in the hackerspace, and will be held responsible to clean up behind them if they 'forget'
  • Also you obviously get a say in how we use the space.

Exit strategy

  • The proper exit strategy is inform the treasurer that you won't be a member anymore, and return your key if you had one.
  • After not paying for 2 consecutive months (and not giving a valid reason) we will revoke your access token and your status as member.

Payment methods

For contact regarding payments: penningmeester APENSTAART, or any other way to talk to FwD.

Available methods are:

Bank transfer

Monthly transfer to NL45 TRIO 0197 6743 64 (IBAN) to "Stichting NURDspace". Add your nickname and preferably the month/period for which you're paying to the notes field.


Due to it being a hassle we've closed our PayPal-account.


Just no. The hype is over.


  • Are welcome on our open evening (Wednesdays 17:00 - 00:00) or on invitation of a member.
  • You are a guest: behave like one, clean up before you leave.

If you have any questions regarding membership feel free to inquire by e-mail, IRC, face to face or any other way you can think of. The homepage has lots of contact info.

Members list

Add yourself to this list!

To add yourself:

  • Become a member, or find a good reason to obtain an account without becoming a member.
  • Get added in the LDAP. This allows you to log in to the wiki and other services (wifi, workstations).
  • Fill out this members form.
  • Add the members template to your user page.

Nickname Memberstatus Email XMPP Extension
Aetios member
AlBundy friend
Bjornl ex-member
User:buzz beforesitter 4200
Dennis member
Flok member 6501
Fwd pennymaster
HutspotMuts member
Id ex-member
Meatloafman member
Surrounder ex-member
Tahtkev member 3010(Softphone), 3011(DeskPhone)
Yellow ex-member
User:zmatt visitor