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Mate stock and stocking as such
Participants Tahtkev
Skills 1337 Skillz
Status Planning
Niche Other
Purpose Unknown
Tool No
Location Mate Fridge
Cost fluctuation
Tool category General

Mate stock and stocking as such

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cuz mate is delish ==


  • Mio Mate: 1.50EUR
  • Maya mate: 1.50EUR

how to pay or donate?

there will be a Scrooge McDuck and a IBAN and possibly QR for those who want to contribute to the continued supply of mate


Fun stuff

Brew our very own? See LAG's documentation ;

To be determined

Use a Thinclient or iPad mini to couple a SumUp device (in management of kev) to collect card payments

wish list

Put your sugestions for flavours ETC here!


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