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Not-A-Phone (it's a kassa)
Skills Electronics, Python, money
Status Getting parts
Niche Hardware
Purpose Electronics, fun, world domination
Tool No
Location Bar
Tool category General

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We gutted the old Volkshuis cash-register.

The money-tray is in use at the bar, but the top half with buttons and screens needs a brain!

One of the donated BeagleBones (called: Not-A-Phone) is serving this purpose, hence the name.


  • gut old electronics
  • attach keyboard/buttons to BBB with custom header
  • PRU-code to read pins
  • python code to read PRU interrupts


  • get 2nd hd44780
  • get 2x i2c-port-expanders for the hd44780
  • attach barcode scanner: serial -> RS232 on BBB now available
  • attach mi-fare reader for member-fobs
  • code some sort of interactive cash-register-system-something