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Target: Create a time lapse video of Kabaal am Gemaal/Kabaal Digitaal using a self-supporting Android-based device Main target: time lapse, device is on a pole for 4 days autonomously Secondary targets:

  1. partially powered (4&5 May)
  2. (when powered) provide real time imagery on the internets

Because the event is spread over several days, and power will probably not be available at all times, we need an independent, weather-proof, economical device that can take pictures with a configurable interval.

  1. coding of an Android device to take a picture every x seconds while consuming as little power as possible (disable network, screen, ...)
  2. creating a large battery pack to power the device for several days
  3. building a weather- and theft-/vandalism-proof encasing
  4. finding a way to position the device, probably in the top of a lamppost
  5. image post processing
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