LG R100 info collection

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LG R100 info collection
Participants User:buzz, Dennis
Skills Experimentation
Status Active
Niche Video artsy stuff
Purpose Fun
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LG R100 info collection

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The LG R100 '360 VR' headset is a failed add-on for the LG G5 phone , ment for viewing 360 videos on the go.

Originally priced at 200 usd, these can now be found for ~20 euro on ebay while stocks last :)

Why do i care

OpenHMD has gotten (for now basic) support for these goggles recently, making them usable on any computer with USB-C AltMode DP video output. Such support could also be added to some computers. OpenHMD is a library for linux and windows that can be used in other programs to gain VR support. A notable application that uses it is a plugin for SteamVR to use it with steam games ;)

Woa nice, what are the specs

  • 960x720 pixels per eye on a seperate IPS LCD ( i think ~600ppi )
  • -2- hardware buttons
  • 6axis IMU data (gyro and accel) , some sources suggest a compass is present aswell
  • a 3.5mm jack for headphones (currently unsupported through openhmd)
  • adjustable diopter and pupilar distances (within some limits)
  • fits over glasses (but not too well, maybe we can adjust the removable lightshield for it)
  • single USB-C plug for power, video (through USB-C AltMode DP) , button, audio and IMU data

Where can i find it

Search on ebay for 'LG R100' or 'LG 360 VR'

What if my pc has no USB-C AltMode DP

Reading the hardforum thread [1] i noticed the Alpine and Titan Ridge cards [2] used successfully for similar goals. Dutch webshops seem to be getting it in stock nowadays for ~75 euro. Nobody tried it yet, but outlook is good ;)