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LG R100 info collection
Participants Buzz, Dennis
Skills Experimentation
Status Active
Niche Video artsy stuff
Purpose Fun
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LG R100 info collection

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The LG R100 '360 VR' headset is a failed add-on for the LG G5 phone , ment for viewing 360 videos on the go.

Originally priced at 200 usd, these can now be found for ~20 euro on ebay while stocks last :)

Why do i care

OpenHMD has gotten (for now basic) support for these goggles recently, making them usable on any computer with USB-C AltMode DP video output. Such support could also be added to some computers. OpenHMD is a library for linux and windows that can be used in other programs to gain VR support. A notable application that uses it is a plugin for SteamVR to use it with steam games ;)

Woa nice, what are the specs

  • 960x720 pixels per eye on a seperate IPS LCD ( i think ~600ppi )
  • -2- hardware buttons
  • 6axis IMU data (gyro and accel) , some sources suggest a compass is present aswell
  • a 3.5mm jack for headphones (currently unsupported through openhmd)
  • adjustable diopter and pupilar distances (within some limits)
  • fits over glasses (but not too well, maybe we can adjust the removable lightshield for it)
  • single USB-C plug for power, video (through USB-C AltMode DP) , button, audio and IMU data

Where can i find it

Search on ebay for 'LG R100' or 'LG 360 VR'

What if my pc has no USB-C AltMode DP

UPDATE 2019/05/01

strfry on #openhmd on freenode is selling these adapters ; http://strfry.org/projects/LG360VR.html
alpine ridge card did not work

UPDATE 2019/05/01

Reading the hardforum thread [1] i noticed the Alpine and Titan Ridge cards [2] used successfully for similar goals. Dutch webshops seem to be getting it in stock nowadays for ~75 euro. Nobody tried it yet, but outlook is good ;)

Some other cards that probably can fit this purpose;

What if my DP ports are all occupied

DP 1.2 added a feature that allows multiple devices to be connected to a single upstream port through either daisy chaining, or added hubs. For using such hub, only the upstream device needs to support DP 1.2, any hub connecting devices can be DP 1.0. For daisy chaining, each device beside the last needs DP 1.2 capabilities.

feitingen on #openhmd confirmed that the LG R100 works for him through a thunderbolt dock with a built-in dp-mst hub.

These kind of hubs start around 30 euro on ebay, atm.


There also seem to be some Single Board Computers that support DP on USB-C.


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