PSS 680 direct output

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PSS 680 direct output
Skills Audio, Electronics, Soldering
Status Active
Niche Music
Purpose Instrument
Tool Yes
Location Studio
Cost a few euros for the transformer probably
Tool category Music production

PSS 680 direct output

Pss-output-mod.png {{#if:Yes | [[Tool Owner::{{{ProjectParticipants}}} | }} {{#if:Yes | [[Tool Cost::a few euros for the transformer probably | }}

aetios has brought a Yamaha PSS 680 to the space and he wants to add a direct output to the FM chip in this synthesizer. He has no idea about electronics but luckily a cool guy on youtube has made a complete rundown of HIS mod: (I can't get the damn youtube embed working)

This seems alright to do.

Materials needed:

  • transformator for isolating ground
  • shielded instrument cable
  • a jack socket
  • some 100 ohm resistors

tools required:

  • soldering iron
  • hole drill

I want to test whether the direct output (with no transformer) is any good? (probably not, but i might learn something!)

current next step: acquire shielded instrument cable. (can probably cannibalise one of my patch cables)