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NURDspace Project
Participants Bjornl, Buzz, Petraea, Zarya
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Goal: (semi)automatic updates when space opens and closes.


  • IRC (topic?)
  • Twitter?
  • Wiki?
  • ...


  • Nice big red button?
  • Motion detection @ cam?
  • Detection @ lock?
  • ...

Update 10 april 2012

Since we have internet, we can now have updates! First step is the iBook G4 that runs a small Java IRC bot that can be controlled from the console by typing 'o' or 'c' (for 'open' and 'close'). It then updates the space status in the #nurds topic. Next step is a GUI (Swing).

Further steps may include:

  • connect an Arduino to the iBook and access it using a Java API (you'll need );
  • connect a Big Red Button to the Arduino to control space status;
  • LDR close to the fluorescent lighting connected to the Arduino;
  • detection inside the lock connected to the Arduino;

Do we need more media? buZz mentioned something about a JSON on a public HTTP... probably this: So I will need:

  • a logo;
  • icons for 'open' and 'closed'

Someone care to draw some stuff?

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