Turnigy Mini Fabrikator II

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Turnigy Mini Fabrikator II
Skills knowledge sharing, link gathering
Status Production
Niche Printing
Purpose Tool
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Turnigy Mini Fabrikator II

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This printer is made by Malyan as the M100 model. Not many shops sell it, but hobbyking sells them rebranded :

Some configs and tools

Updated profile 2020

This profile is set to 100% fill and 2 perimeter walls, just variate on that for lesser filled objects. (for example; 4 perimeters and 0% fill work nice for many sculptures)

Magic Layer Heights

Slicing on these layerheights greatly improves quality:

  • 0.0875
  • 0.13125
  • 0.175
  • 0.21875 (my new default)
  • 0.2625
  • 0.30625

Replacement parts

My X belt snapped so i just ordered two new closed loops. I was hoping to use a open ended belt, but seems not fitting.
Both the X and Y belt are B150MXL aka 1200MXL , ~5mm wide so 1200MXL-019.

Many of the parts for a Malyan M200 (aka Monoprice Mini Select (v1/2/3)) are compatible.

Nanopi stuffed inside

Finally stuffed the nanopi that i run octoprint on inside the frame:

Some more links

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