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59 x 106
59 x 106
* plate has been cut, laying at the window
* plate has been cut, laying at the window
* needs a cutout for the handle still!
== Printer corner ==
== Printer corner ==

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Window Isolation
Open window.jpg
Participants Cu64, Dennis
Status Planning
Purpose Saving energy and money
Tool No
Location Space
Tool category

Window Isolation

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If you are looking for a guide for how to install Windows on a virtual machine, click here.


We have a large energy bill, a lot of heat disappears through our current windows (see FLIR pics), so it would be good to do something about this.

Polycarbonate sheets

W can get (free?) polycarbonate sheets via Pokon. They could be mounted against the existing glass windows. Approx measurements 205 x 125 cm.


Alternatively we could consider buying HR+++ triple glass for instance here https://www.dubbelglas.nu/isolatieglas/triple/energie/. qjb talked about http://elkimi.nl/, they can deliver and install glass for a good price.


A short investigation into options to subsidize the project can be found here isolation-subsidies.


Main room

Measurements below are in centimeters, and are the desired size of the boards to be installed. These are obviously slightly larger than the actual glass surface they will be covering to account for attachment surface.

Left and right are from the viewpoint inside the space, not from the street.


68 x 173


103 x 173


67 x 173


68 x 127


123 x 169

  • plate has been cut, standing in front of window


47 x 60


59 x 106

  • plate has been cut, laying at the window
  • needs a cutout for the handle still!

Printer corner

Large window

  • 193x164


  • 119x59

Small window

  • 43x71
  • With fan, so we need to cut out a bit



  • 98x68

Window above door

  • 45x91

Tool room

Lower window right

  • 99x53

Upper window right

  • 43x53

Large window

  • 244x165

Lower window left

  • 96x52

Upper window left

  • 53x62
  • With fan, so a part needs to be cut out

Game room

Large window side

  • 145x257

Window above door

  • 53x80
  • Volkshuis sign


  • 59x122

Large window front

  • 165x225

Upper small window

  • 48x54

Lower small window

  • 62x118
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