(Weather) Satellite Receiving

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(Weather) Satellite Receiving
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(Weather) Satellite Receiving

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We want to be to listen to the weather satellites above us, this project page will detail our journey! The goal is to automate the receiving of weather sat images from e.g Meteor and NOAA and have an IRC integration.


- Make an QFH Antenna - Look into the software needed

QFH Antenna

Not the only type of antenna that can be used, but it's a good antenna design. We wil be attempting to self build one our self. A good guide is located here: https://usradioguy.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/20200307-How-To-Build-A-QFH.pdf


- PVC tubes

- PVC Cement and Primer

- 8~10m of 15mm copper tubing