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Dreamer and niz are building a Beaks module.

This is a low cost through hole clone of Mutable Instruments Peaks. With the code from Mathias Levy's project $peaks which uses the dual pwm feature of the STM32 and some changes to the code by him. This page outlines the hardware design of a module very similar to the Peaks with the hardware changes by Mathias. Licensed under a cc-by-sa 3.0 license.



Beaks BOM
Name Designator Quantity Remarks Niz has dreamer has
4n7 C1,C2,C5,C6 4 yes yes
150pF C3,C4 2 yes no (but niz will provide)
100nF C7,C11,C12 3 yes yes
10uF electrolytic C8,C9,C10 3 yes yes
Zener 3.6V D1 1 yes almost :p
1N5817 D2,D3 2 yes yes/alternative
Thonkiconn IN1,IN2,OUT1,OUT2 4 yes yes
LEDs LED1-LED5 5 yes yes
HDR-IDC-2.54-2X5P P1 1 yes yes
Headers H1,H2,H3,H4,J1,J2,P2,P3 + STM32 yes yes
2N3904 Q1,Q2 2 space has some yes yes
1k5 R1,R4,R13,R16 4 yes yes
180k R2,R15 2 yes yes/space
12k R3,R14 2 yes yes/space
15k R5,R12 2 yes yes/space
6k8 R6,R11 2 yes yes/space
33k R7,R10 2 yes yes/space
1k R8,R9 2 yes yes
10k R17,R23,R24 3 yes yes
B10k pots R18,R19,R20,R21 4 yes yes
100k R22,R25 2 yes yes
2k R26,R27,R28,R29,R30,R31,R32 7 yes yes
switches SW1,SW2 2 yes yes
LED switches SW3,SW4 2 yes yes
Bluepill (128kb flash) U1 1 probably probably
78L05T/B U4 1 no (but got 7805) yes
TL074CN U2 1 yes yes
14pin socket for TL074 1 yes yes

Niz progress

dec 29th 2023

  • Finished build
  • Flashed Dead Man's Catch firmware from here using this command:

stm32flash -w peaks2.bin -v -g 0x0 /dev/ttyUSB0

  • Did some testing, all i/o seem to work \o/