Chaos Communication Camp 2023

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Chaos Communication Camp 2023
Name Chaos Communication Camp 2023
Date 2023/08/15
DateEnd 2023/08/19
Location Ziegeleipark Mildenberg Berlin Germany
*** PRICES and sale Update ***

Ticket 380,-
Supporter ticket 450,- +
Parking ticket 40,-

As announced previously, we’ll have three presale dates for admissions tickets. All times are in CEST:
Tuesday, 6.6., 21:00
Monday, 12.6., 15:00
Saturday, 24.6., 12:00 (noon)

The ticket shop will be available at, and if we failed to answer any questions in the following post, we’re happy to help at

As always: be on time!

In order to break even, we need to reach an average ticket price of € 380. This will also be the price of our Standard Ticket.

There is also a heavily discounted ticket available for € 75 for people aged between 12 and 18 (children aged 11 and under do not require a ticket). Additionally, there will be an opportunity to apply for a Friends ticket if you are unable to afford the regular ticket. This option will be available during the announced presale dates, as long as there are tickets available.

However! These discounted tickets naturally lower our average ticket price. That’s why we kindly ask you, to consider purchasing a Supporter ticket starting at € 450 to help finance the discounted tickets, if that’s possible for you. You can also enter any other ticket price above € 380. We are also offering Business tickets again, priced at € 599 and € 899. We particularly encourage those who have their participation in the camp financially supported by their employers to support us with the Business tickets. Only with the Business tickets will you receive an invoice prior to the camp.

We’ll also have an electronic badge again! It’s can play music, blink, and it’s beautiful. We have fewer badges than tickets available, so there will be a maximum of one badge per person and the badge must be reserved online during the ticket purchase. The reservation price is € 32. The battery is compatible with the MCH2022 badge, and can be added for € 4.20. We’ll have more badge info for you soon here on

Chaos Communication Camp 2023 is the Chaos Computer Club’s (CCC) quadrennial hacker meeting and open-air hack party, now in Mildenberg for the third time. Over the course of five days, thousands of hackers, technology enthusiasts, tinkerers, artists and utopians come together on the camp grounds in Brandenburg in the middle of summer to exchange ideas, learn from each other and celebrate together.

The camp offers space for community villages, developer and project group meetings, installations, lightning talks and numerous workshops. We deal with topics around information technology, computer security, hacking, with the make and break scene, the critical-creative use of technology and its impact on our society.

Unlike last time in 2019, this year’s camp starts as early as Tuesday and ends on Saturday. Sunday can be used for leisurely dismantling an departure. Also for us, unfortunately, the prices have increased in almost all places, which is why we will not be able to avoid an increase in ticket prices. At the moment we can’t give a final price yet, as soon as the calculations allow us to fix the price we will let you know here in the blog