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Name 🔥 DOOMsday 🔥
Date 2023/12/10
DateEnd 2023/12/11
Location Nurdspace
Contact David, 3nzo

🎮 ATTN: Retro-Gaming Elites & DOOM Veterans! 🎮

🔥 The DOOMsday Clock Ticks Closer... 🔥

As the echoes of the past 30 years reverberate, the infernal gates are set to open once more. On December 10th, 2023, we're calling on the old guard and the true connoisseurs of pixelated carnage:

NURD SPACE Wageningen

Prepare to immerse in a world where nostalgia meets adrenaline. Dive deep into the abyss for a deathmatch that celebrates three decades of DOOM. Relive the glory, the gore, and the guttural roars of demons.

🚀 Rekindle old rivalries. Forge new legends. 🚀

And for the purists among you, we're cranking up the nostalgia to 11: We're using Crispy Doom as our multiplayer server! Experience the game in its authentic glory, with just the right touch of modern enhancements.

Are you ready to rip and tear, until it's done? Or will you fade into the annals of gaming history?

Join us. Prove your mettle. Celebrate the legacy.