E02 Smart Wristband

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E02 Smart Wristband
Participants Dennis
Skills Vendor specific software, Experimentation
Status Dead
Niche Software
Purpose Fun
Tool No
Location Gone
Cost None
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E02 Smart Wristband

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The watch died, so project is dead as well.



  • OLED screen
  • Connects via Bluetooth V4.0 to iOS (7.0 or greater) / Android (4.3 or greater)
  • Charges via USB
  • TI CC2541 based (confirmed by opening it up after it died due to corrosion) (Amazon and this link)


Pedometer (step counter)

The device counts "steps" and stores them. I say "steps" in quotes because it seems to count when you're moving your arm. There's some sort of timekeeping. The step count displayed is the count of that day. Every day at 00:00 the step count will be zero again, but when data is synced with the App (I use the Android App) you get charts with historical data. Time resolution is one hour.

Calorie counter

This is calculated on the device (simple multiplication?). There are some in-app settings (gender, height, weight, measurement system).

Distance counter

Again this is calculated on the device itself. There's an in-app setting for the length of your stride.


Shows the time and a symbol indicating the status of the Bluetooth connection. Time is more or less accurate (+- 2 minutes difference with Android device).

Notifications of phone calls and messages

Fairly obvious what this is.


You can configure alarms and tasks in-app, bracelet will buzz and show text



  • Show custom messages on screen, like Android notifications