Haxogreen 2022

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Haxogreen 2022
Name haxogreen 2020 2021 2022
Date 2022/07/28
DateEnd 2022/07/31
Location Campsite Belvedere, Rue Jean Friedrich I-3469 Dudelange G.D. of Luxembourg 49.479797, 6.077427
Attendees User:buzz, Dennis, Tahtkev


Our village page there: https://wiki.haxogreen.lu/2022/wiki/Villages/Idiopolis


  • The_Niz
  • Tahtkev
  • psy0rz (resting home first after MCH)
  • buZz - driving with The_Niz and dreamer(?)
  • dreamer (would prefer a pickup from arnhem)
  • nooitaf (going on 26th tuesday)


Seemingly haxogreen has a kitchen but no food for visitors?? So we'll have to forage our own.

  • Smallish TEC/Peltier cooler
  • Cooking gear? Pots, pans, knifes, cuttingboard?
  • Spices? Salt, pepper, sambal, shoarmakruiden?
  • ehh
  • Couple shopping runs to nearby Match or other supermarché
  • The_Niz said he's bringing some coffeemaker
  • zarya claimed haxogreen has breakfast for everybody but no other food?
  • buZz brings BUTTER (unsalted, grasfed)
  • 2 crates of Mate-Mate, 12 bottles of Krommberger's Fassbrause Rhabarber, 12 bottles of Krommberger's Fassbrause Cola & Orange
  • thuisbezorgd? :D
  • tahtkev also brings some brick/stone/plate to put on a bbq to bake some pza , with some kind of lid

stuff psy0rz brings

Stuff from the space going to hx7E6


  • Folding chairs from the basement, if there's any extra space in the car (kev might be able to stuff em in)
  • Trestles and a big plank/board to make an ad-hoc table (TABLETABLETABLETABLETABLE)
  • Idiopolis sprayStencil(s? where's the other one (aw , it broke , MAYBE we can make a new one?? ))
  • NURDspace stuff? Stickers? Posters we've never put up? Harkboard! We're also bringing the NURDspace spraystencil
  • Rope, Tape, Tarp, Glue
  • Maybe bring that old Haxogreen banner we have since forever? Could we still make a NURDspace banner? Idiopolis one? HSD one? (both? both is good)
  • Pile of albertheijn bags?
  • Roll of garbage bags


  • Some network&power infrastuff, gbps switch? lack table to mount it on? Cables!!
  • Speakers? we could just bring one of the many 2.1 sets from the space
  • Do we have any silly long big thick powercables? -> we do!


  • Tiny Projector (maybe more than one?)
  • VJ gear(?) not sure
  • a TV (tahtkev want's to bring either the Philips one or a Samsung
  • A couple hark overalls! Maybe labcoats and onesies too?
  • Space blahaj? One of the potted plants to give it a fieldtrip? One of em 1950s bar-carpets?
  • Leap Motion

Niz brings

  • r3boots Coleman Event Shelter
  • Camping chair
  • Pans
  • Coffee maker + coffee and filters
  • Extension cord
  • Small fire extinguisher (powder)
  • Sunblock SPF 30
  • HP Jornada 720
  • SHA Badge
  • Gosund SP112 ESPHome power meter

buZz brings


  • tools, solderiron, tin, wires , schrumpfschlauch
  • some MCUs, SOCs, LEDs , powersupplies, EE stuffs , pocketchip, 2x chip + tvout cable
  • cameras; PS3eye, Oak-D Lite, maybe some fancy point&shoots, goproish?
  • 2x laptop, droid4, LG r100 (uh, needs DP-miniDP cable, where on earth is it), 3DS , chargers/cables for all
  • usb cables and powersupplies teh plenty , a cardreader
  • HDMI cable
  • some 12v fans with a psu for random ventilation
  • 1 or 2 carolina reaper peppers (harvested 2022-07-22)
  • headphones , audiocables
  • power sockets
  • Several prints of http://space.nurdspace.nl/~buzz/Idiashtray.stl
  • some basic 220v lamp(s?)
  • baofeng radio


  • yes
  • also soap etc


  • tent, mattress, sleepingbag
  • tarp?(s?)

Stuff tahtkev brings

  • Air mattresses (got some spare intex ones 1 one person 1 two person
  • Crumbulent powerbar
  • Dumb switch
  • Mate and Fritz! (probably)
  • A gas barbie mate (maybe need to get some more gas at Globus in Bettembourg) not allowed due to firehazard :c
  • 3 mini table's
  • A blahaj
  • Cutlery and plates
  • electric pump to inflate the air mattresses
  • 2 chair thingies
  • maybe nintendo switch?

dreamer brings

too much

  • tent+sleeping-gear
  • long-ass power-cables
  • frying pan
  • baofeng bliepbliep
  • small behr audio mixer
  • PE Tracker
  • MOD DuoX
  • Daisy Field
  • dj controller/soundcard
  • audio cables