Open Dag 2018/Tour Reference

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This is 'the tour' how i normally give it.

  • Start at entrance. Note the 'space switch' , describe spacestatus and HASS interaction. Maybe also show the doorlock and describe IRC integration.
  • Step into bar area, Start by showing they are now standing inside the VR room, describe what it is, show the arcade machine.
  • Behind the bar. Show the bar/supplies/food/drinks, note what garbage supply we have :P Show the barentertainment Pi , Show the kassa.
  • Other side of the bar, Show the makercorner. Note our first-space-printer, show the amount of printers belonging to Pokon, show supplies.
  • Point out our lasercutter, describe where its from and its status. Point out the SLA printer and do the same.
  • Show the Sonoff on the wall of makercorner, describe what it is and its HASS interaction.
  • Point out the BruinCafe vibe :D
  • Show the vitrinekast with all the fancy/pretty 3D prints
  • Step towards the library, show the plethora of ancient books. Maybe point out something that overlaps with visitors' interests.
  • Turn around, show the filastruder. Possibly mention the smokingroom behind it (but no specific need i guess :P)
  • Fridge? eh, well.
  • Step into zaal2. Show the seperation of solder/dirty with the curtain. Show our collection of weird-ass tools and supplies. Point at some projects that are lingering in there. (vlads riding chair, 'the oleds', massive collection of batteries etc.
  • Point out we have toilets. Show the hanging toolboard. Mention our former haakjesprobleem :D
  • Show the powermeter on the electricity. Tell about MQTT perhaps (and general automation)
  • Step into gamerarea, Show the collection of ancient consoles. Not sure what else to show here, Maybe mention SuperSmashBros.
  • Walk to zaal1 while answering any questions that could pop up from visitors.
  • Things to point out in zaal1 ; Network printer and amplifier with HASS integration, Memberlades, Couchcorner with projector, Expedits with suplises, Monitorpile, Pile of old 19" hardware, Desks and infra.
  • Also note whatever projects are in zaal1 (from top of head; DiscoDot 16 screen wall MPD server? (and IRC integration of MPD)
  • Walk to the Studio and show the stuff there.

Done \o/

  • Tell about space history, working of memberpayments, benefits to members, etc, donation forms.