Passive Eurorack Control Surface

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Passive Eurorack Control Surface
Participants Dennis
Skills Electronics
Status Planning
Niche Music
Purpose Fun
Tool No
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The main idea is to have an unpowered bit of circuitry that can be your main control surface for performing with complex eurorack modular patches.


Some ideas:

  • UTP -> jack for easy connection with RJ45 bridge module for eurorack
  • Attenuators (pots, mod wheel, analog joystick, LDR)
  • Toggle switches (eg for mutes)
  • Momentary switches
  • Mixer (pots and diodes? this will work for unipolar signals only)
  • Touch pads for some finger patching
  • Rotary switches for rerouting stuff
  • Resistors and momentary switches configured as adjustable voltage divider
  • Some space on the panel to put labels or printed overlays which make it easy to remember what you've patched in