Visit to BIT datacenter

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Visit to BIT datacenter
Name Visit to BIT datacenter
Date 2013/11/29
Location BIT datacenter, Ede
Contact User:CrossWire
Attendees Fwd

As you might know our ADSL-link is sponsored by BIT. Beside business ADSL also provides hosting services in a flashy datacenter in Ede. It seemed like a nice idea to go and have a look there to admire humming flashing electronics, and to see how they've set up their inventory and security.

CrossWire has offered to host a tour. This comes with a few rules:

  • Maximum of 7 people
  • Can be held on weekday evenings (after 19:30) or during the day or in the evening on weekends
  • Give full names in advance
  • Bring a valid ID.

The date is not set yet, so feel free to suggest one.

Does this seem fun to you? Sign up! You can do this by adding the following line to your user-page:

Event=Visit to BIT datacenter


  • FwD
  • CrossWire
  • Sander2 (optional, not a member)
  • Talloak

Suggested dates

Feel free to add to these

  • 2013-11-29 (friday) 21:00 - CrossWire