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Owner Space
Status Infrastructure
Hostname procrastin8
Location server room
Tool No
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server room


Machine which possibly can be used to replace our current NetApp based storage. We already replaced some of the fans (one of the case fans, the fan on the Areca card and one CPU fan).


Tested all the bays and a lot of 500GB disks (only to see if they're recognized, no further testing done as of yet). At the moment 7 bays are filled with disks (careful, no screws to hold them in the trays), and 5 bays are empty. The 5 empty bays do not work (disks don't get recognized). Could be cabling (SATA or power), could be faulty ports on the Areca.

The above is not true anymore since we lost another disk, so 6 bays working and 6 not working. This while testing other ports while bypassing the backplane altogether. We also tried one of the other RAID cards lying around, but we saw erratic behaviour as well as PCI bus errors. Back to the drawing board :(


  • Case is a Chenbro RM31212
  • 2x 64 bit Xeon CPU @ 3GHz [1]
  • Intel Server Board SE7520BD2 [2]
  • 8 RAM slots (DDR2 Reg ECC), currently holding 2x 1GB
  • Power supplies - GIN-6350P (~50 USD second hand)
  • 12 drive trays on the front of the machine
  • 2 SATA ports on-board (1 for system disk and one for SSD cache disk?)

Areca card

  • Areca ARC-1130 v1.0 12 ports SATA controller
  • Management interface on (acquired via dhcp, user/pass unknown)

When RAID battery is connected t'll get stuck on boot in "Waiting for F/W to become ready."

Drivers, cli and ArcHTTP


  • Debian jessie 64 bits

BIOS shortcuts

  • F2 Setup
  • F12 Boot from network


  • Fix RAID card issues (no BIOS???)
  • Get/test SATA disks (starting with the 7 500GB disks that are in there right now?)
  • Fix order of sata disks by rearranging sata cables
  • Move it to the proper VLAN/network
  • Get more RAM (DDR2-400 Reg ECC)
  • Fix Wake On LAN (mac address is already in NURDbot)
  • Install other OS? (Nexenta, FreeNAS etc)
  • Test and decide on [SSD Acceleration]
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