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3D-Printer 1
Participants Id
Skills muscles
Status Finished
Niche Electronics
Purpose Promotion
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3D-Printer 1

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ID's 3D printer, the first child in progress

Well, I started this project with the idea to see how far i would get. I wanted to make the printer as cheap as possible, but my patience was less and i got lost from that focus. Anyway, the focus branch went another way and went more to some sort of 3D printing toy.

On the starting buZz had already printed some parts, but they were in all colors. With the idea to keep the prise low at that moment i accepted the challenge. For starter i needed some threaded rods which i bought at a local GAMMA DIY around the corner. With the help of a hacksaw i cutted the rod into the correct pieces.

20120414 022634.jpg

Two holidays and a course i continued the project and ordered some of the stuff i needed (actually the0 did the ordering, thanks dude!) like motors, RAMPS, vertical bearings etc. Other parts i got thanks to profzon like the bearings, M8/M3 parts and rails.


With some new printed parts i could build the extruder part:


Things started to get real and i mounted the bottom y-as plate which i got from buZz:


After fixing the RAMPS and wirings i finally could start the software!


The first print was a fact and i started to finetune it:


Nice color! But still had some trouble getting the object nice flat on the surface, so i bought me a heated bed with a 3mm thick glass. Also mention that i modifid the filament holder with a bearings support with bearings:


Item Quantity Price
1 meter (not stainless steel) Threaded rod 6 €8.51
Printed parts 1  ?
M8 nuts  ?  ?
M8 washers  ?  ?
M8 Bearings 2  ?
Total €8.51
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