5th of May celebration

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5th of May celebration
Name 5th of May freedom festival
Date 2023/05/05
DateEnd 2023/05/05
Location Eis-T's place + city centre
Contact Eis-T

On the 5th of May the whole of Wageningen celebrates its freedom with a festival. There will be plenty of stages with different acts throughout the city centre. Getting drinks and food on the festival terrain has become increasingly incomprehensible (what eccentric card-payment system will they implement this year?). But there's an alternative Close to the city centre you can find the house of Eis-T. This is the spot where you can safely store your drinks and snacks beforehand, as well as enjoy a dinner.

The Plan

  • Ask Eis-T where his house lives.
  • Think of a way to contribute that works best for you. You could be bringing food, drinks beforehand, be helping with dishes, cooking or whatever on the day itself. If it contributes to the celebration it's welcomed.
  • Enjoy life/freedom

Links and info

https://wageningen45.nl https://wageningen45.nl/bevrijdingsfestival-gelderland

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