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Anime Evening
Name Anime Evening 1
Date 2014/05/22
Location NURDspace
Contact Jenn7even

Well seeing its the first one I will have the honor of selecting a playlist for that Evening :)

I was thinking to start around 7 or 8 ish, basically after dinner.

Program :

- DEADLEAVES > Violent, Fast and Awesome

- Kill La Kill episode 1 > Even more Violent, Faster more Awesome (battle lingerie) - Kill La Kill episode 2 > Optional if people like the series we can watch more

- Short Peace > 3 different shorter movies, show casing some awesome Japanese culture, Technology and more.

If this evening is appreciated I will ensure I have a nice wide selection of movies from Gihbli, Gainex, Trigger and much more. Also suggestions in the future will always be welcome.

Also when the 4th evangellion movie is released I intend to have a marathon viewing ! (it will be over 8 hours) (yes we will have smoke and pee breaks)

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