Apple PowerBook 1400c/166

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Apple PowerBook 1400c/166
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Apple PowerBook 1400c/166


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Qwertz oldschool Apple laptop. Ideally we can use it to program the Opcode Studio 4.


  • Mac OS D2-9.1 (German)
  • PowerPC 603ev CPU @ 166MHz
  • 56MB RAM
  • 2GB ATA hard disk


  • Got a suitable power supply, it uses M4895 or M4896 or compatible. I ordered a M4896 from the ebays \o/ and it works.
  • Put Opcode Open Music 2.3.8 on a CF card and tried installing it using a PCMCIA -> CF convertor
  • Dropped network driver for Etherlink III PCMCIA ethernet card from in System folder but it doesn't seem to work with the card tested.

Turning it on

It doesn't (always) turn on properly. I've seen following working:

  • Fold screen open
  • Kill all the power, so remove battery and plug
  • Wait 'til green LED on screen is off
  • Put battery and power plug back in


Get some networking on it, either wired or wireless. It will most probably need drivers tho.


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