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There is a manual

web recovery mode

We don't have the admin pass and the device is running ancient firmware anyway, lets update to the latest (at the time of writing)

Hold '1' and '#' key while booting the unit. After some time it will get a dhcp address and will jump into web-recovery mode.

Go to the address in the screen:

6865i web recovery.jpg

Mitel 6865i config1.png

Upgrade Software:

Mitel 6865i config2.png

Upload OR

Mitel 6865i config3.png

The default user and pass are Admin/22222

Mitel 6865i config4.png

You can now start configuring the device for your voip setup.

For Asterisk (like @ space)

Go to Global SIP:

Mitel 6865i config5.png

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