Atari 1040STf

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Atari 1040STf
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Owner The_Niz
Status Working
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Atari 1040STf


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The Atari is ready for anyone who wants to play with it! There's a little box with floppies (soon to be back upped) with utilities. Hopefully we can find some more programs for this nifty little machine.


Currently we are mostly figuring out how Cubase 2.0 works. Probably you'll soon hear the sweet sounds of the YM synth fill up our space. Manual @

RCA audio out

In order to route the nice Atari sounds into an amplifier or recording equipment it would be nice to have a dedicated connector. It should be really easy according to this

Memory upgrade

In similar models 4MB is possible using 30 pins SIMM modules, but it seems that the 1040STf is nog one of them :(.

Finding out how much RAM is in the machine with sysinfo

Format a floppy

  • Put floppy in the Atari
  • Select floppy (A) with single click
  • Go to _File_ -> _Format_
  • Click _OK_
  • Choose _Double Sided_
  • Enter a label (Optional)
  • Click on _FORMAT_

Writing the files

  • Put floppy in a pc and mount it
  • Unzip this file onto the floppy
  • Unmount floppy

Run sysinfo

  • Put the floppy back in the Atari
  • Double click on the floppy icon
  • Double click on _SYSINFO.APP_
  • Go to _Hardware_ -> _Memory_

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