Awesome Led music vest for party's

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Awesome Led music vest for party's
Skills Soldering, Programming, Arduino
Status Planning
Niche Electronics
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Location Nurdspace
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What to build & wishes

A vest with Led strips and a led ring that goes on to sound. I want the Led ring to go off on hearbeat with a sensor, so when im excited or hyperactive on the caffeine the ring will go blinky.


Yes, with this project im learning coding skills better and some soldering and sewing.


For party's to have people at aaaw

Bill of Materials

B.O.M. Costs excl shipping Place
1x XL vest €15 @ primark
1x NeoPixel Ring - 24 x WS2812 5050 RGB LED $19.95
4x 1k Ohm Resistors Free (already in stock)
1x USB power bar (the one with two LI ion 18650's) $3-4 space bar (got multiple already)
1x Sewing kit €2 Action
1x Arduino Pro Mini Free (already in stock)
1x Breadboard (for testing) Free (already in stock)
1x Fuckton of wires Free (already in stock)
1x Graphic Equalizer Display Filter - MSGEQ7 Got one from Dee2 Dee2
10 meter 30 leds WS2812 ? ?
arduino heartbeat sensor $1.5