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Owner Space
Status Broken
Hostname popcorn
Location kitchen
Tool No
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We've obtained a BPM Studio Jukebox, probably the Professional model. The software is far from interesting: Windows XP with the Jukebox software as shell from which we've escaped.


  • 17" TFT (probably a M170EG01 v9,)
  • ASRock ConROE 1333 D667 motherboard
  • Intel Celeron @ 2.8 GHz
  • 2GB RAM (2x1GB, no slots free)
  • 320GB SATA HDD
  • MAC address 00:19:66:33:29:7e (Wake on LAN works)
  • PSU built into the stand
  • Speakers, DVD-writer and cardreader built into the stand
  • Shitty videocard with DVI and S-Video


  • Original WinXP, don't expect it to be clean tho
  • Debian 7 (hooked up to the LDAP)
  • Rebuilt with Ubuntu 13.10. tty1 set up to autologin as ircguest and start client, see NURDbar


  • Boot errors disappeared upon RAM reseating.
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