Beer tap

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Beer tap restoration
Participants Tahtkev
Skills Plumbing, Cleaning and logical insight, 1337 Skillz
Status Planning
Niche Geinig
Purpose Consumation of spa geel
Tool No
Location Bar
Cost Hahaha, next question!
Tool category Food and Drink

Beer tap restoration

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We have a double headed tap in the bar that hasn't been used in ages, lets revive it!.




* Check the couplers from the keg to tap (Currently installed most likely S-type)
* Get keg(s)
* plumb the drain of the surface
* clean out the system
* get a canister of CO2
* tweak pressure of tap (between 1.6 1.8 is ideal)
* check if we have a gas regulator for the tank
* throw away some glasses since we have too much or maybe sell some?
* move cash register away from sink to make it useable again


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