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Boopatroopa wants to remake this Mario go-kart into a fully functional go-kart to go along with his Lucio from Overwatch cosplay. It needs to be fully drive-able, have leds, speakers and various other nifty features.



This is probably the hardest part, and more information still has to be documented about this. The car itself came with a motor and it's own driving gear. The new motor needs to be able to do at least ~250w (?). More information about this needs to be gathered and figured out.




- (ESC)


The tiny steering-wheel has two buttons on both the left and the right side, in the middle where normally on a wheel the claxon is located is a bit of electronics (broken) that used to play a sound. We want to replace this with the Lucio "boop" sound instead. It would be nice if we could replace the yellow plastic in the middle to house a button instead.


We want to mount ledstrips underneath the car as well as in several different locations.


We want to add a few speakers to the system, how exactly we want it to play samples is still unsure. Ideally I am thinking of going with a Teensy 4.1 + audio shield as the brain of everything (aside from controlling the motors).


The cart has to be made way more rigid to be able to hold Boopatroopa. It is likely possible to add aluminum extrusion to the bottom.


The cart will be colored with Green and Yellow which are the Speed and Healing colors, With some Gold and Black accents here and there to match with the Hippity Hop skin I will be using.


- Document previous motor + driving gear

- Document the type of motor, battery and ESC that we need

- Figure out where we want the leds, and document it

- Figure out how we want to do the audio

- Figure out locations of switches etc

- Figure out how we will make the cart more rigid


Items we probably want

Item state link Why
PCF8575 IO Expander Module I2C To 16IO bought To combine the front-panel buttons easier
WAVGAT TLP281 4 Kanaals Opto-isolator bought To isolate the one-way serial link between the Arduino controlling the motor and the MCU controlling audio and lights
5V 130X E-bike Throttle/E-bicycle Thumb throttle Not sure if needed Mountable near the steering wheel.
5Pcs 15A 250V On/Off Spst 2Pin Not sure if needed For turning on the whole car
12/16/19/22mm Waterproof Metal Push Button Not sure if needed Buttons for the front-panel
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