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Brain wave synchronization by sound
Participants Cu64
Status Active
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Brain wave synchronization by sound {{#if:Yes | [[Tool Owner::{{{ProjectParticipants}}} | }} {{#if:Yes | [[Tool Cost::None | }}

Warning: do not use if epileptic, may induce seizures. See also: Wikipedia: Brainwave Entrainment

This project is aimed at creating an alternative to existing brainwave synchronization methods of binaural beats and isochronic tones. Use at your own peril. More info on specific brainwaves.
Sound files should stimulate brain to increase delta, theta, alpha or beta activity.

Listen to these sound files using headphones. The numbers in the filenames denote the base-frequencies of the sound.

The aim is to achieve the following effects:

  • alpha: Relaxed focus, increased information uptake
  • beta: Increased alertness, concentration and problem solving
  • delta: Unconscious sleep
  • theta: Relaxation, creativity, dreams

Theta and delta waves are best listened to when inactive, preferably while lying down and (especially delta) may induce sleep.

File length is 10 minutes, but can be played in repeat if desired.

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