Campfire and bbq at the Rijn

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Campfire and bbq at the Rijn
Name Campfire and bbq at the Rijn
Date 2022/07/02
DateEnd 2022/07/03
Location [[Location::Rijn Haven Wageningen[1] 51.95900990612985, 5.654853924660519]]

Bring your own booze, some food for on the fire and if you want invite some friends ^^ Meeting at 16:00 at Harnjesweg 16, if you can't get there at this hour I will post the location on a later moment :3

Greetings BoopaTroopa~

Phone incase you still can't find it :P +31651966610

Who ??

  • Boopsy + gf + bunch of ppl coming for bday of boptrop's gf
  • buZz (already knows location, feel free to tag along)
  • Tahtkev (is bringing 6 chairs)
  • kichimi
  • Niz (after 18.00)
  • r3boot (will be after 1800 likely, so plz post the location / gps coordinates)
  • D2 (probably around 18:00)
  • you?


[r3boot] I've brought some wirewood to the space; Since I will be a bit late, maybe someone could already take that to the bbq?

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