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Casting Agency
Participants User:buzz, Tahtkev
Skills casting, mixing, stirring
Status Planning
Niche Artsy stuff
Purpose Use in other project
Tool No
Cost $$$$$
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Casting Agency

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Lets cast some stuff!

Silicone, various resins, gypsum, TPU, many materials can be cast to make interesting objects that would be a lot more effort to make in other methods.

More to follow!

Some Ideas of projects that could benefit

  • Two-part 3D printed cases, where the 3d print becomes a mold to cast into, to which the material adheres and makes a case thats part rigid, part flexible for that pro-feeling.
  • Remaking accessibility items in flexible materials to get better compatibility with humanlife.
  • Bounce-cover-sleeves for random objects; phones, beerbottles, game consoles, remote controls
  • Wheels for random projects

In Progress


Currently printing molds and orienting on the best material to cast in Smooth-On seems to be the industry standard wonder if there is something more economical

Info's on various smooth on resins (which do not need degassing necessarily Soft = "Smooth-On ecoflex 00-30", Med = "Smooth-On ecoflex 00-50", Firm = "Smooth-On dragon skin 10"

Links and Sources (they sell Smooth-on and other relatied products)