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Skills Common sense
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Purpose Infrastructure
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Bar/Little Kitchen

Try to keep the surfaces clean and clean up accidents

Big Kitchen

Deep fat fryer needs to be cleaned according to the rota that's on the big fridge/freezer.


In the small kitchen/Bar there is a dirty dishes collection box set up on the table. Please deposit all your dirty dishes in this box after you are done using them or before you go home.

PLEASE SCRAPE THE PLATES CLEAN !! do not leave bits of food or gobs of sauce on them.

When the box is about 3 quarters full you can bring it to the common room dishwasher that's behind the double doors on the right. Most of the time the average program will do. Just make sure you have everything faced the proper way.


Basically once a week should suffice just a quick run around the main room.

Once a Month the higher area's should be vacuumed with a brush attachment. (window sills, desks and such)

  • This should keep things nicer for people who are sensitive to dust and dog hair.
  • Equipment itself will have to be cleaned less often

Tidy up work spaces

Before you leave, make sure the next person to use the place has all the room he or she needs. Don't occupy desk space after you leave, don't leave parts laying about. As a rule of thumb, try to leave the space behind in a tidier state than you found it.

Garbage Bins

These need to be emptied when full, try to throw the food waste in the bin in the small or big kitchen before putting your dishes away. Also try to put your food wrappings in that bin so it gets emptied often.

Full is when the junk is coming above the edge of the bin

Paper / Carton / Cardboard Waste

Collection is near the back outside door

Plastic Waste

Collection is near the backdoor

Metal Waste

Collection is near the back outside door

Empty Bottles

Need to be collected in the big black crate under the table in the small kitchen


Reorder space

If you see some place where storage is changed to chaos, try to clear it out with these simple steps;

  1. Clear out a storage place
  2. Sort out the chaos, find the biggest common denominator
  3. Move this to the cleared out place
  4. DOCUMENT both what has moved and what stays behind!!! Post it on the wiki (for example here and/or here)
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