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Niche Electronics
Purpose Industrial digital inputs
Tool category General


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Two revisions of an industrial digital input module with LED indicators; first one seems to have 4 inputs and is probably a prototype, second version has 8 inputs and a proper enclosure. Two reed-switches were already in one of the connectors.

Supply voltage needs to be checked, probably 6V. In addition to a barrel jack they also have terminals for power to allow daisy-chaining.

Communication uses a proprietary but simple serial bus that can use standard phone cable, last device should have a terminator (is included, see photos). Bus address is configurable using DIP switches.

If anyone wants to play with these let me know, I may be able to look up the protocol.

To examine the second pcb, no unscrewing is required: Remove connectors. Remove the lid from the bottom (just pull) and pull out the two white tube-shaped spacers in the corners (may need pliers). You can then slide the pcb slightly and tilt it out.